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Planning & Production

G3 aims at supporting the customer and the designers even during the product planning stage in order to attain common quality and competitiveness objectives.

G3’s skilled commercial and technical profiles enable the customer to study together the best solutions for the realization of the structure that turns from the word go into the target of a careful analysis of costs and functionality.

During the production stage, the company can count on qualified staff, as well as on the most advanced cutting, bending and welding technologies:

  • Cutting centres and automated deburring machines;
  • Laser tube cutting machine;
  • Numerical control, dual-beam, dual-head and linear bending;
  • Hydraulic, eccentric and mechanical press machines;
  • TIG (tungsten inert gas) and electric welding robots.

Whereas, in respect of surface finishing phases, G3 makes use of highly qualified external structures, such as chromium plating and painting.

G3 Verona - Progettazione e Produzione
G3 Verona - Progettazione e Produzione